Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am very indecisive when it comes to my hair. I have been for a good portion of my life. I'll grow out my hair, and love it when it's long... until it drives me crazy. And then I will cut it off. Sometimes to my shoulders, sometimes to my chin. Sometimes I'll rock the boyish haircuts.

About a year before I had Aurora, I had cut my hair from my waist to my shoulders. I donated it to Locks of Love, like I had two years prior (similar haircut - waist to shoulders). It came out to being about 14 inches of hair, and I was very proud of it. I decided I was going to grow it out again and donate it, unless it drove me nuts before that.

When Aurora was three months old, I got sick of her little hands grabbing my waist-length hair. It was long enough for her to reach, and the reflex was causing her hands to close around fistfuls of it. It was giving me headaches from the weight in ponytails, so I cut it to my chin. I liked it, and so did my husband. I wore that haircut until last night, when I got fed up with her reaching up to pull it herself. At seven months old, she didn't understand me telling her not to pull my hair, and even putting it back into a ponytail (as it was just below my shoulders by now) wasn't working, because she'd grab it from the scalp behind my ear and pull it out from the pony.

So, I talked my husband into it, and we got into the car and headed to a Great Clips (yeah, I don't really do the fancy places). I warned him it was going to be short. I figured it was fair, he finally talked me into letting him shave his hair off completely, which I wasn't too fond of at first, but have grown to love.

This is what I walked out with:

My poor husband was shocked. He admitted he didn't like it. I reminded him that I didn't like his completely naked head at first, either, but I like it now.

By the next morning, he admitted he likes it. I'm sure it'll continue to grow on him. I love it. I love the ease - five minute showers as opposed to fifteen. Styling is still simple, even if it involves a blow-dryer instead of a clip. Aurora can't pull it unless I have her up on my shoulders, and then I'm asking for it anyway. I love it.

Now to get over the fact that I LOOK LIKE MY MOTHER.

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