Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm thankful for my wonderful family, for my gorgeous daughter and my amazing husband. I'm thankful for my mother and my step-father being able to make it here to spend Thanksgiving with us and meet their gorgeous granddaughter. I'm thankful for the health of my family, and thankful for the fact that my gallbladder pain went away today. I'm thankful for this gorgeous new place we have, and thankful that we have such wonderful friends.

I'm thankful for the food I have to eat, thankful for the cat I have to snuggle my feet, thankful for the fact that I'm an American, thankful for the troops that have fought so hard and given so much to guarantee my freedom.

I'm thankful for the family we have, and that we can all get together tomorrow and eat dinner, that we can enjoy our time together. I'm thankful for my sister in law coming back safe and sound from her time overseas in the Peace Corps, and for her being able to meet her niece and spend Thanksgiving with her family.

I'm thankful.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Me? Cleaning?! YOU DON'T SAY.

I've gotten quite a bit done today! I'm proud of myself. The key to this was PUTTING. THE COMPUTER. AWAY. It sat on our dining room table all day while I got things done. It felt very good. I've only touched it while my daughter has slept! I got the box of clothes in the closet unpacked, and I got three loads of laundry done, with two more to do tomorrow. Still, this is quite the accomplishment, if I do say so myself. :)

My mother is coming TOMORROW. Yay, we're all so excited! That may be most of the reason why I've been doing so much laundry. And also vacuuming, which is really something I should be doing daily but DON'T JUDGE ME. I'm just proud to be keeping clean underwears on our butts and clean socks on our feet. Daily vacuuming can come later. :)

I want to see New Moon, and I want my husband to go with me. Mostly because he wants to see that God-awful-looking movie Old Dogs, which I could really care less to see. My offer is this: I will see Old Dogs if he sees New Moon. This sounds fair to me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So last night I learned that when you're sleep-deprived, trying to convince your child to sleep before they're ready to is a very, very bad idea. I had a horrible meltdown last night, I was so exhausted. I asked my husband to go ahead and take Aurora and I went to bed... I actually slept through her crying with him, that's how exhausted I was. After some sleep and letting her sleep with us last night we've had a much better day today for the most part... except...

... I was clipping her fingernails, since they were ridiculously long. I was tolerating her clawing my chest while I nursed her, but I noticed she managed to scratch her face. Time to clip the nails! She doesn't particularly enjoy this most of the time. I imagine I wouldn't like someone holding my fingers to clip the fingernails either. She was thrashing a bit and I ended up nipping her little finger. It bled, a lot, and my poor husband freaked out... I felt so terrible, so guilty.

My mother and step-dad should be leaving tomorrow to come here. I'm so excited! It's about a six-hour drive from central Illinois here to southeast Michigan, and I know they'll keep us updated. I can't wait for them to meet Aurora, and for Mike and I to see them again. You know how you worry about how your mother will like the man you're marrying? I didn't have to worry... my mom and step-dad love Mike! They get along fabulously, and I love that.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still unpacking...

We've been working very hard on getting the boxes unpacked and this condo set up and ready to go. I've gotten the nursery very close to complete, just really need to put away the clothes she doesn't fit into yet/anymore and hang up her wall decorations. I need to get a quilt hanger for the gorgeous blanket my step-dad's mother cross-stitched with Aurora's full name, and I'd love to get a shelf and wooden letters to spell Aurora to hang over the crib. We've made progress in our bedroom as well, with the bed set up, Mike's desk set up, and most of our clothes hung in our completely massive closet. (I love that closet. Love.)

The big reason we're trying to get everything in the condo set up in a week is because my mother is coming to visit on Monday and staying for a week. Finally! She hasn't even met Aurora yet, which makes us all sad. She had some health problems that kept preventing her from coming, but now everything's a-okay, and Aurora will get to meet her Nana and Papa Darrel finally. We're all excited! Now, the main problem is figuring out where they're going to sleep. I'm thinking living room, and we're going to have to find something for them to sleep on. Mom thinks that there's places I can rent a hideaway bed from, which would be awesome and absolutely perfect. I'll have to poke around tomorrow.

I was very sick today. I wasn't a very good mama because of it... I spent a lot of time laying on the floor staring at my daughter flailing her little arms and legs and making adorable faces at me. I slept in the chair while she nursed, which was a welcome nap. I feel much better right now, though, and I'm thinking it's just because I ate way too fast last night and had tummy problems the whole night (which kept me from sleeping well) and most of today as a result. I'm sure I'll be good as new tomorrow, which will be good for both amusing Aurora and getting stuff done around the house, which can actually be done at the same time! I made silly faces at her and played peek-a-boo while I hung her clothes up in her closet, and I'm sure I can do the same in the closet in our bedroom too tomorrow. We'll have to see.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Our kitchen is officially unpacked. The living room and our bedroom are still full of boxes, but hey! The kitchen's unpacked! All three beds (our bed, the crib, and the bedside bassinet) are all set up. It's a shame, we bought that bedside bassinet and our daughter will hardly sleep in it. The night before last, we didn't have the crib set up yet, so I put her in the bassinet. She slept for four hours (which was awesome) then refused to go back in it after I nursed her. The thing about her sleeping in bed with me... I love the snuggles, I love cuddling her all night, but she wakes me up EVERY HOUR to nurse. I don't get much sleep, she doesn't get much sleep, and we're both very crabby the next morning. She figures, hey! The snack bar is RIGHT THERE. Let's have some! She and I haven't mastered the sleep-nursing yet, so I have to wake up and stay awake for every nursing. I can't handle it.

Yesterday was her two-month appointment (at nearly three months old, oh dear.) and she got SHOTS. SHOTS! I had a screaming baby! Her weight dropped from the 50th percentile to the 5th... so that's a touch concerning. Anyway, we'd set up the crib in the nursery and we decided to give it a shot. I've never not slept in the same room as her so just before I went to bed I must've popped in there to check on her eight times. The doctor had told us "most parents say these shots make their baby sleep through the night for the first time."

I woke up, thought "ow. I'm leaking." then looked at the clock. Seven o'clock! She'd slept in that crib for eight hours! My next thought was then OH MY GOD I DIDN'T SET THE ALARM CLOCK. My poor husband was late for work. I fixed his lunch and bustled around until our daughter woke up, then nursed her... and she fell back asleep! She might be a sleepy baby today. Or a crabby baby. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We just moved into our new condo. See, we'd been living in metropolitan Detroit, close enough to be living in its shadow, but far enough away that I could say "Oh, no, I don't live in Detroit." I've almost always lived in the city, growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, then moving here to be with the man who would be my husband. I love the hustle and bustle, I love the busy, I love how many people there are. I've always called myself a city girl.

We moved to another town. About 20 minutes north. We're out of Detroit's shadow, but we're in a place that's more... rural. This will be great for my husband, wonderful for my daughter - she may only be two and a half months old, but as she grows, she'll learn how to ride a bike with my husband in a safer place than I did. She'll get to see the state park we live very close to. She'll have the experience of a rural area, something I had when I was very young and loved.

Of course, now that I'm 24, the idea scares me. Where's my hustle and bustle? Where's all my people? We're a one-car household, so my husband takes the car. There's a grocery store, a Subway, and a pharmacy I can walk to... that's pretty much it. That really scares me.

My husband, an avid mountain biker, loves it. He has his pick of mountain biking trails near here, and there are many paved bike paths as well that he can take our daughter on soon.

Still, deep inside I'm happy, because it is gorgeous here. I thought Michigan was pretty before I'd moved out into a far more "foresty" area. Right now, the only thing truly stressing me out is ALL THESE BOXES. BOXES EVERYWHERE.