Monday, November 16, 2009


We just moved into our new condo. See, we'd been living in metropolitan Detroit, close enough to be living in its shadow, but far enough away that I could say "Oh, no, I don't live in Detroit." I've almost always lived in the city, growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, then moving here to be with the man who would be my husband. I love the hustle and bustle, I love the busy, I love how many people there are. I've always called myself a city girl.

We moved to another town. About 20 minutes north. We're out of Detroit's shadow, but we're in a place that's more... rural. This will be great for my husband, wonderful for my daughter - she may only be two and a half months old, but as she grows, she'll learn how to ride a bike with my husband in a safer place than I did. She'll get to see the state park we live very close to. She'll have the experience of a rural area, something I had when I was very young and loved.

Of course, now that I'm 24, the idea scares me. Where's my hustle and bustle? Where's all my people? We're a one-car household, so my husband takes the car. There's a grocery store, a Subway, and a pharmacy I can walk to... that's pretty much it. That really scares me.

My husband, an avid mountain biker, loves it. He has his pick of mountain biking trails near here, and there are many paved bike paths as well that he can take our daughter on soon.

Still, deep inside I'm happy, because it is gorgeous here. I thought Michigan was pretty before I'd moved out into a far more "foresty" area. Right now, the only thing truly stressing me out is ALL THESE BOXES. BOXES EVERYWHERE.

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