Sunday, November 22, 2009


So last night I learned that when you're sleep-deprived, trying to convince your child to sleep before they're ready to is a very, very bad idea. I had a horrible meltdown last night, I was so exhausted. I asked my husband to go ahead and take Aurora and I went to bed... I actually slept through her crying with him, that's how exhausted I was. After some sleep and letting her sleep with us last night we've had a much better day today for the most part... except...

... I was clipping her fingernails, since they were ridiculously long. I was tolerating her clawing my chest while I nursed her, but I noticed she managed to scratch her face. Time to clip the nails! She doesn't particularly enjoy this most of the time. I imagine I wouldn't like someone holding my fingers to clip the fingernails either. She was thrashing a bit and I ended up nipping her little finger. It bled, a lot, and my poor husband freaked out... I felt so terrible, so guilty.

My mother and step-dad should be leaving tomorrow to come here. I'm so excited! It's about a six-hour drive from central Illinois here to southeast Michigan, and I know they'll keep us updated. I can't wait for them to meet Aurora, and for Mike and I to see them again. You know how you worry about how your mother will like the man you're marrying? I didn't have to worry... my mom and step-dad love Mike! They get along fabulously, and I love that.

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