Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Our kitchen is officially unpacked. The living room and our bedroom are still full of boxes, but hey! The kitchen's unpacked! All three beds (our bed, the crib, and the bedside bassinet) are all set up. It's a shame, we bought that bedside bassinet and our daughter will hardly sleep in it. The night before last, we didn't have the crib set up yet, so I put her in the bassinet. She slept for four hours (which was awesome) then refused to go back in it after I nursed her. The thing about her sleeping in bed with me... I love the snuggles, I love cuddling her all night, but she wakes me up EVERY HOUR to nurse. I don't get much sleep, she doesn't get much sleep, and we're both very crabby the next morning. She figures, hey! The snack bar is RIGHT THERE. Let's have some! She and I haven't mastered the sleep-nursing yet, so I have to wake up and stay awake for every nursing. I can't handle it.

Yesterday was her two-month appointment (at nearly three months old, oh dear.) and she got SHOTS. SHOTS! I had a screaming baby! Her weight dropped from the 50th percentile to the 5th... so that's a touch concerning. Anyway, we'd set up the crib in the nursery and we decided to give it a shot. I've never not slept in the same room as her so just before I went to bed I must've popped in there to check on her eight times. The doctor had told us "most parents say these shots make their baby sleep through the night for the first time."

I woke up, thought "ow. I'm leaking." then looked at the clock. Seven o'clock! She'd slept in that crib for eight hours! My next thought was then OH MY GOD I DIDN'T SET THE ALARM CLOCK. My poor husband was late for work. I fixed his lunch and bustled around until our daughter woke up, then nursed her... and she fell back asleep! She might be a sleepy baby today. Or a crabby baby. Only time will tell.

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