Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still unpacking...

We've been working very hard on getting the boxes unpacked and this condo set up and ready to go. I've gotten the nursery very close to complete, just really need to put away the clothes she doesn't fit into yet/anymore and hang up her wall decorations. I need to get a quilt hanger for the gorgeous blanket my step-dad's mother cross-stitched with Aurora's full name, and I'd love to get a shelf and wooden letters to spell Aurora to hang over the crib. We've made progress in our bedroom as well, with the bed set up, Mike's desk set up, and most of our clothes hung in our completely massive closet. (I love that closet. Love.)

The big reason we're trying to get everything in the condo set up in a week is because my mother is coming to visit on Monday and staying for a week. Finally! She hasn't even met Aurora yet, which makes us all sad. She had some health problems that kept preventing her from coming, but now everything's a-okay, and Aurora will get to meet her Nana and Papa Darrel finally. We're all excited! Now, the main problem is figuring out where they're going to sleep. I'm thinking living room, and we're going to have to find something for them to sleep on. Mom thinks that there's places I can rent a hideaway bed from, which would be awesome and absolutely perfect. I'll have to poke around tomorrow.

I was very sick today. I wasn't a very good mama because of it... I spent a lot of time laying on the floor staring at my daughter flailing her little arms and legs and making adorable faces at me. I slept in the chair while she nursed, which was a welcome nap. I feel much better right now, though, and I'm thinking it's just because I ate way too fast last night and had tummy problems the whole night (which kept me from sleeping well) and most of today as a result. I'm sure I'll be good as new tomorrow, which will be good for both amusing Aurora and getting stuff done around the house, which can actually be done at the same time! I made silly faces at her and played peek-a-boo while I hung her clothes up in her closet, and I'm sure I can do the same in the closet in our bedroom too tomorrow. We'll have to see.

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