Monday, November 29, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

So here's where I alienate some people.

I'm a follower of Christ. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion. I wasn't raised in a religious household. My options were open to me, so to speak - I could explore different religions through research, and my father had decided I could follow whatever religion I wanted when I was old enough to decide. (Of course, now that he's heading down the path of Buddhism, and I've pursued Christianity, he's not exactly thrilled with my decision.) When I was pregnant with Aurora, my husband and my mother-in-law took me to a church here in Michigan, called Kensington Community Church. It's a non-denominational church - a megachurch, in fact. It's very contemporary and people like me are its main aim. It aims to bring people who don't know Jesus and find church daunting to a life with Christ. It's very welcoming.

Anyway, Mike and I have been attending the Lake Orion campus of Kensington, and have become rather well-known among quite a few of the attenders and staff, probably because Aurora is just so darn cute. (Probably not, but I do like saying she is... because she is!) People say hi to us, we say hi to them. I love it.

On Friday, six days before Thanksgiving, Mike lost his job.This was very unexpected, and it hit me hard. Mike was extremely optimistic, believing that God would provide. I found it very hard to believe that, although I did try. We both posted about it on Facebook, where we are both friends with one of Kensington Lake Orion's staff members. Sue absolutely rushed into action. We had so many offers of help from so many different people... They told us about the community help manager that could assist us with bills, they told us about job opportunities they'd heard about. They even got a small group to offer to sponsor us for Christmas so we wouldn't have to worry about gifts for Aurora for Christmas. We were so overwhelmed with offers, we didn't even know where to start!

Thankfully, Mike was technically only unemployed for one day, which is nearly unheard of here in Michigan! By Monday evening he had a temporary position through a staffing agency, and by Wednesday evening he was hired at a computer consulting firm. He started that position on Friday, and it was actually a raise over his old job! We had to go through and decline all the offers for help, and believe me, that's always the answer people WANT to hear. We directed the small group to another couple we know who are in a similar situation to what we were in, and the small group was very appreciative to know that we knew another couple that needed help.

Our prayers, and the prayers of all our friends, family, and fellow attenders of Kensington were definitely answered last week. What started out as a hopeless situation (to me, anyway) turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. I just wish I could have seen it that way from the beginning.

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